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The tour starts at 9:00/9:30 and ends by 17:00 in the evening. The tour includes a pickup service, a professional english-speaking guide, all the entrance fees, lunch and transfer back to your hostel.
The program includes the most significant UNESCO World Heritage site in Cappadocia, incredible valleys and many more:

Esentepe viewpoint

On the first stop you will have a stunning panorama view of the surrounding fairy chimneys and if you are lucky, on a clear day on the horizon, you’ll be able to see the Argaeus or the Erciyes Mountain — the highest mountain in central Anatolia and the biggest stratovolcano.

Goreme open air museum

An UNESCO World Heritage site and the most visited spot in Cappadocia. A broad assemblage of curved in lava tuff rocks churches and monasteries, mostly graced with Byzantine frescoes, which have stood there for more than a thousand years.


Also known as a Pasabag’s Vinery and “Monks Valley”, called this after the hermit monks, which under the inspiration of Saint Simeon, Syriac ascetic, secluded themselves from society in these chimneys. You still can find in those chimneys their cells and the famous St. Simeon chapel. The fairy chimneys, strewn within a vineyard, look bizarre even in Cappadocia. Odd three-headed pillars, almost ready to collapse on your head, look extraordinary.

Devrent Valley

Devrent Valley Camel

Also famous as Pink Valley and Imagination Valley due to its colour and its’ peculiar landscape, that awakens one’s imagination.

Avanos pottery workshop

Avanos pottery monument

Next stop is a ceramic workshop in a small Avanos village. The terracotta industry started here over 5 000 years ago and locals carry their handcrafting traditions throughout centuries.
In this workshop you’ll witness how the clay from the Red river, which passes through the village, becomes a piece of art in the hands of a master. You may want to take some artwork home, however they can be pricey.

Pot creation in Avanos

Three Graces

It is the most famous fairy chimney, not only for its beautiful shape but for the related legend. The legend tells a sad and romantic story about the King and his daughter who fell in love with a shepherd. Although the legend has a sad dramatic ending, this story will end your tour with a feeling of deep delight and peace.

Three Graces

There is a whole bunch of tour operators in Cappadocia who offer this tour for different prices. We can help you find the best quality for the best price.

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